Ghana @63

Hey Bombshells,

Happy Independence Day to my second love, my generic makeup, GHANA. 63 years ago my Goldcoast took a bold step and never looked back. My homeland consist of resilient individuals who have been nurtured in red, yellow, green, with a touch of a black star. Recently, Ghana was ranked as one of the best countries in West Africa to raise a child. It is also ranked 4th agric performer, and 5th for best country in Africa. Don’t even get me started on their currency, one of the best performing currency after the US Dollar. (Stats from Werepgh).

I had the pleasure of returning back to Ghana during their Year of The Return last year December 2019 and it was life changing. I was surrounded by people who wake up every day and earn their living. Amazing people such as the man who drove around at 2a in an unknown area, using up their gas to pick me up. This country has come a long way and has a much longer way to go. But one thing is for certain, Ghana is ahead of track and is making itself a force. If you find yourself in need of a break from everyday life, Travel to Ghana. Money always comes back, but a moment of pure culture and happiness centered in my motherland is one you can’t miss out on.

Check out this interview I did during my visit:

Off duty Blogger:

Bojo Beach Resort
Ada, Ghana
Independence Square

Touring around Accra:

Fun with some amazing people:

Aqua Safari

God Bless My Homeland, Ghana!

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