Tied Together

Hey Bombshells,

Fact or Myth: In the fashion world, a woman who walks into a room in a beautiful gown will turn the most heads? Myth. What can really grab the attention of a room is a powerful woman in a neck tie. Neckties on a woman serves as a form of power play. Not to be confused as a substitute for scarfs and accessories, a necktie is its own fashion peice. It takes a certain type of woman to utilize this “masculine” piece to tie their look together. One who is confident and owns every place they find themselves in.

This blogger has a long history with neckties. A bond that slowly started when I raided my dads closet and styled a bunch of his thick old fashion neck ties. This sudden love affair led to my first tie, this silk skinny black tie from H&M when I was in high school. Lovesick, I had to break it out for church this past weekend. To add some fun to this posh look, I added a vibrant Ankara print blazer from my Ghana collection. This look is the peferect balance between dapper and chic. In a world filled with beautiful women in gowns and bodycons, invest in the art of power dressing.

White Button-down: Express Similar Similar Similar

Ankara Blazer: Made In Ghana Similar Similar Similar

Black Neck-Tie: H&M Similar Similar Similar

Double Slit Pants: Similar Similar Similar

Heels: Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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