The Ghanaian Special

Hey Bombshells,

Black history month came and went, as did my countries Independence Day. We live in a world where the calendar sets aside time for us to celebrate the big moments in the world but I believe those moments shouldn’t be limited. Luckily, fashion is a way to keep celebrating when we choose. Let me take another moment to celebrate my motherland, Ghana. I celebrated her 57th birthday last month on the 6th of March. Yet, my fashion heart bleeds the colors of my flag.

Upon attainment of their independence, the nation of Ghana adopted a flag to replace the UK flag. The flag of Ghana consisted of the colors red, yellow/gold, green, with a black star in the middle. Red represents the blood of those who died in the countries quest for freedom. Gold symbolizes the country’s mineral wealth. Green represents the rich forests in the land, and the black star is for the lodestar of African freedom. This post is dedicated to not letting dates dictate celebrating the things you love. Utilize fashion as it remains a vital component of how we celebrate any date of our choosing.

Asymmetrical Hem Top: New York & Co. Similar Similar Similar

High Waisted Pants: H&M Similar Similar Similar

Yellow Heels: GoJane Similar Similar Similar

Black Crossbody: Coach Similar Similar


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