Golden Spotted Body

Hey Bombshells,

There’s something dangerously seductive about the beloved fashion print that is animal print. Graphic in appearance, it evolves and emphasizes ones features in ways regular print can’t. Animal print sparks fear and curiosity while alluding to a certain wild spirit and savagery. Although there is mystique embedded in the print, the cat in the skin brings the touch of danger. It’s dangerous and wild energy is a transferable trait that is passed on to anybody who lets their skin indulge in the animal of their choosing. The animal of my choosing for the second birthday in a row is leopard print.

Leopard are known for their golden spots and graceful wild nature. This ferocious print is perfect for a big birthday because what better way to celebrate than on the wild and sexy side? Sleek and sexy is the theme the big 2 5 as this is the age to turn heads no matter what space you step in to. To make a bold statement, I posed in a leopard print long bodycon dress that elongates my figure while complimenting my skin tone. This dress was perfect to make this blogger feel essential during this quarantine season. To offer a feminine feel I paired this dress with clear heels and the cutest black purse. This birthday is special to me so it’s only right to celebrate in style.

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Clear Heels: Egoshoes Available Here Similar Similar

Evening Clutch: Amazon Available Here Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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