Got The Blues

Hey Bombshells,

Fashion has a history of a long love affair with the white, black, and red hues of the world. Luckily, my appetite for color remains a constant in my herstory. Color offers me an opportunity for creative expression as it enables my skin to escape and indulge in hues that uplifts my spirit. This post is dedicated to the most electric and royalest of them all, blue. The royal depth of the color blue permeates the wonders of the world such as the sky and sea and now the wonders of my fashion heart.

In fashion, this color tells a rich story of confidence, boldness, and class. All things I need to feel during this sad quarantine birth month of mine. Being indoors literally gave me the blues. It opened my eye of color to a hue I don’t have in my closet. Now I find myself lighting blue candles, in need of blue accent chairs for my living room, and refreshed after drinking my blue labelled water brand. To fix the closet issue, I purchased this halter dress. I normally don’t like anything halter but the shade of this dress was more than pleasing to my fashion eye. The mood of this hue symbolizes peace and reflection in the mist of all this chaos.

Dress: Available Here Similar Similar

Clutch: Available Here Similar Similar

Heels: GoJane Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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