Hey Bombshells,

This platform stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and condemns hatred, racism, and violence towards the black community. During such a difficult time for people of color, my blog has been participating in a blackout to give all my attention and love to the movement. My heart goes out to every black person who bares heaviness, fear, and sadness in their heart as mine has been in the last couple of months. That being said, I don’t want to limit this wave of negative emotions to these last couple of months, Black lives has always been in danger.

I am disappointed with the many institutions I have come across in life and their lack of heart towards this issue; this includes the fashion industry. If you’re familiar with my blog, you are aware that one of the reasons I started creating was due to the lack of diversity I witnessed on my fashion board on Pinterest. The fashion industry is prominent for preying on Black culture yet, they fail to support the community and are not welcoming to black talent. These cooperations marginalize Black people, but fail to hire black creatives or advocate for their promotion. Naturally, these same cooperations are sharing messages of solidarity with the movement during this time.

Despite what seems like everyone being against us, I am extremely proud of this community the color of my skin is apart of. We have come together and through protest and social media activism we’re advocating for each other and ourselves. We’re driving about change and demand new government policies that are for us. As our feeds return to normal after such a pivotal movement; we understand that BLM isn’t just a moment, that it is a movement. We understand that Black lives matter today, yesterday, tomorrow, forever. We matter not just when someone is murdered or when it looks good on social media. But forever & always! We’re Black everyday, even when the cameras down and there isn’t a trending hashtag. I am rooting for all of us during such a time when we’re making history.

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