The Power Of Red

Hey Bombshells,

The color of the blood that circulates in my fashion heart, the wine that flows into my glass, and my favorite ranger; please show all your love to the color Red. The texture of this bold color is visually appealing and it’s radiance exudes power. This hue, in all its glory, creates excitement whilst stimulating everyone’s attention. The hard to miss color has a multitude of moods ranging from danger to love to just simply, stop. Stop and take in the richness of the color, stop as if you’re a fire truck and everybody needs to pull to the side and breathe in your beauty.

This post is dedicated to a true showstopper in fashion and my best friend Becca’s favorite color; Red. I styled a ruffle spaghetti strap dress with minimal accessories to ignite my energy during this quarantine. The only mistake I made with this dress was shooting in a public area. With stares, honking, and whistles this color actually intimidated me … but for only a second. For a moment, I underestimated its power but a moment later I focused on what it signifies, boldness and confidence. This color is featured on my skin because it is everything but boring. One must be careful when styling the color of passion. Too much and the power can get to your head, too little and what’s the point?

Dress: Boohoo Available Here Similar Similar Similar Similar

Nude Mules: Available Here Similar Similar

Bracelet & Ring: Alex & Ani

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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