A Virtual Showroom

Hey Bombshells,

Fashion blogging is all about the experience one creates for the individuals they inspire. Most of the time, their creations are for themselves; yet sometimes there is a yearning for praise from others. Transforming ones personal pleasure into a satisfying experience for viewers is an art. New styles are constantly emerging so to create looks that are engaging demands an artistic ability. My blog serves as a virtual showroom that digitalizes my fashion heart. I have spent quarantine on the frontline of fashion, utilizing my closet as a showroom that serves as a lifeline for fashion.

Fashion is provoking, pleasing to the eye, and stimulating for the mind. When I received my package from Boohoo I was quickly disappointed. This fashion house has a platform for selling affordable and fashionable pieces but the quality is poor sometimes. Amongst my order was this two-piece set. A simple feel left me heartsick, but its hue and style provoked me. Styled with a white bodysuit and white mules, the look is pleasing to the eye. The calmness of this shade of purple under the sun isn’t anything but stimulating. Going through with this look was a digital experiment that shockingly turned out well. The execution of this look embodies what fashion is all about, taking risk and trusting your fashion heart.

Two Piece Top: Available Here Similar Similar

Two Piece Bottom: Available Here Similar Similar

Heels: Egoshoes Similar Similar Similar

Bodysuit: Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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