A Touch Of Femininity

Hey Bombshells,

Blazers are essential in fashion, this versatile piece has the power to complete and elevate any look. Its timeless simplicity is what makes it popular amongst all genders. To persevere blazers into a year round staple, blazer dresses were invented. In the winter, fashionistas style blazers with a button down and dress pants; while in the summer it’s fitting to go bare legged in a blazer. The option for an elongated blazer that requires me to lose the pants has sparked my attention for years. The allure of blazer dresses is all about women having the best of both worlds. The blazer dress hones the silhouette of a menswear inspired look meets femininity.

Fashion gets to dress up a feminine attire that suits power dressing off the job. Because this lengthened double-breasted jacket is a dress, it does not cater to all body types. Blazer dresses are proof that you cannot mix business with pleasure. Pulling off a pantless look as a tall woman is a challenge especially in a blazer dress. After that realization, I’m sad to announce that my quest for the perfect blazer dress ended in this asymmetrical tailored piece styled with a sculptured white heel mule. To add a little more length to the dress, I went a size up but that adjustment took away from my silhouette. On top of that, its’ length and execution restricted my movement to maintain a professional demeanor. The menswear staple with a touch of femininity is not tall girl friendly but in its’ glory, it is a pretty cool creation in the fashion world.

Blazer Dress: Available Here Darker Blue Similar Similar

Mule: Egoshoes Available in Nude Black Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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