Puff Up The Volume

Hey Bombshells,

Viewers be advised, too much of a good thing can go straight to your sleeves. The romantic styling of puffy sleeves resurfaced last fall, and it is currently at its peak in the fashion industry. We are living in a fashionable era where sleeves keep getting bigger and better. Puff up the volume of your fashion heart with this new voluminous style. The dramatic structure of puffy sleeves are a mere representation of everything fashion is, bold, ever growing, and trend driven. It took some time but I am finally open to this renaissance-esque trend. The iconic sleeves are radical but there are subtle ways to incorporate them into ones personal style. Executed properly, these statement sleeves can elevate any look.

There’s nothing better than a dramatic pair of sleeves on a dress that is fitted at the bottom. The dress in this post is a lot of things in one; its length adds sex appeal, neckline implies conservatism, and sleeves add a whimsical effect. Paired with the color mint green, this hue alludes to the dreamy yet romantic impact of the sleeves. Its effect … complete control. It takes a powerful being to carry the weight of the fashion world on their shoulders. These sleeves provide a sense of power but at the same time a romantic feel. This quarantine, let’s focus on staying inside and practicing self-love. But when social isolation begins to affect us and we’re in need of some excitement in our fashion lives, add some drama with your sleeves.

Dress: Available Here Similar Similar Similar

Heels: Available Here Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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