The Braided Special

Hey Bombshells,

Style is not limited to fashion; it also extends to hair. There are so many hairstyles to adopt but one that Black women have been choosing for eons are box braids. This style of hair braiding isn’t just a protective style but a statement piece on a black woman. It is natural, attention grabbing, and always in trend. Think Moesha, Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice… now let’s go shorter…Jada in Set if Off or Maxine Shaw from Living Single, all these icons have this one style in common. Normally, Black women lean towards longer braids but a braided bob is a weight off your shoulders, literally.

Maintaining a fashionable lifestyle is high maintenance. To help utilize the time I set aside for fashion wisely, I cut back on the time I spend styling my hair for looks. I’ve found that when you minimize your daily hairstyle routine by selecting protective hairstyles that naturally look great, it leaves you more time and effort to put into your outfit of the day. My outfit of the day is this elegant jumpsuit from New York & Co. My effortlessly opulent hairstyle fell just where I need it to accentuate my collar bones in this jumpsuit. The bright, romantic style of this jumpsuit amps up the impact for my hair. Both styles, hair and fashion, coupled together to compliment and flaunt a brown girl.

Jumpsuit: New York & Co Available Here Similar Similar Similar

Heels: Similar Similar Similar Similar

Clutch: Available Here Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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