3 Simple Halloween Costumes

Hey Bombshells,

As COVID cases continue to rise, it is looking like Halloween is cancelled this year. Still in the festive mood, I recreated 3 simple looks that doubles as an easy Halloween costume. For the first two looks I decided to dress up as my favorite two women, Rihanna and Whitley Gilbert. For a third look, I stumbled upon this picture of Garcelle Beauvais as a school girl and fell in love with this simple look. It was between her and Fran Fine but I already had my mind made up. Let’s celebrate black women this Halloween because why not? In a world where black women are bottom of the barrel, it is important to choose them even for something as minuscule as a last minute Halloween costume. I’m so lazy with costumes so I went with looks that works with my image. How did I do? From a school girl, to a diva, to a wild child. I hope you enjoyed my three simple Halloween costumes.

Look 1: Garcelle Beauvais

Skirt | T-shirt | Thigh Highs (Similar) | Shoes (Similar)

Look 2: Whitley Gilbert

Turtle Neck (Similar) | Skirt | Heels

Look 3: Badgirlriri

Jumpsuit | “Scarf” | Heels (Similar)

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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