The Right Style

Hey Bombshells,

A new hairstyle can alter your overall appearance. A couple of months ago, a highly recommended hairstylist made a mistake when she braided my latest style way too short. While this new style complimented my face shape, neck, and bone structure, it failed to match my character and individual style. I attended a ceremony for my godson in these braids, hoping the beauty of my ankara dress by Xzenda would take away from my hair. The hairstyle did not suit the impact of my dress; therefore, I added more accessories to build a necessary balance.

To do this dress justice, I decided to revamp this look in a new hairstyle. In its revitalized glory, my black locs compliments the black lace on the dress. This new crown empowered me to exert a minimalist approach to give this beautiful dress a moment to shine properly. A new hairstyle serves as the opportunity to tailor your hair in a way that magnifies your face while emphasizing the best features of your attire. I believe one’s hair serves as the final piece that binds everything together. The right style creates a balance between the person and their clothes.

Original Look:

Ankara Dress: Xzenda Available Here Similar Similar Similar

Revitalized Glory:

Heels: Nordstrom Available Here Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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