Women Royalty Personified

Happy Black History Month!

To err is human; to be a black woman, divine.

Celebrating being Black should be on every person of color’s self-care regime every day, not just this month. We need to be celebrated everywhere our talent reaches, for example, the fashion industry. Although this industry is dominated by women, due to systematic disenfranchisement, there is an imbalance of black women in leadership positions. “There have never been more than one or two black editors-in-chief of any major U.S. magazines, and only one black designer leading a major American fashion brand” (The Cut). Guess what gender that man is?

Despite racial injustice, bigotry, and hatred, we rise! After the Council of Fashion Designers of America dropped the ball last year on taking a stand against systematic racism in fashion, two black women addressed this inequality fully. Lindsay Peoples Wagner and Sandrine Charles founded the Black Fashion Council, an organization “founded to represent and secure the advancement of black individuals in the fashion and beauty industry” (The Cut). I stumbled upon this initiative browsing on Abercrombie.com. Abercrombie & Fitch gave me my first job in the fashion world but demoted me to a position they give to their minority hires. Companies like Abercrombie joining BIFC is a start, a good start.

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This Black History Month, let us celebrate black talent and influence in whatever field we feel passionate about. Utilize this month to research the impact black people are currently making in the world. For me, I will be spending this time indulging in black women royalty personified.

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-XOXO Bea 💋

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