Self Love

Hey Lovers,

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday in fashion; it creates awe-inspiring facets of looks women feel pretty or sexy in. On this day, dressing in the color pink doesn’t make one too girly, and looking sexy in red is socially acceptable. During Cupid’s holiday, we indulge in delicate fabrics like satin, lace, and velvet on our skin touch in the name of love. I love everything about the aesthetic Valentine’s Day creates. Officially, this is a day for lovers. They use this joyful time to experience love in the flesh of another person.

As a single individual on Valentine’s Day, I plan on celebrating this beautiful holiday as well. I live for myself and quite enjoy my own company. This sense of freedom is empowering because I can give myself what I deserve. For Valentine’s Day, I plan on catching flights not feelings. In other words, wine tasting in my apartment in a lace bodysuit and satin robe while watching Brown Sugar. This is self-love…choosing to let peace and happiness live in my bones while dismissing the negative ideology behind being alone.

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-XOXO Bea 💋

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