We Deserve Love

Hey Lovers,

Black women are the essence of everything wonderful and magic, and well … what’s more magical than love on Valentine’s Day? We were raised with a “fuck it, I’ll do it” mindset but Valentine’s Day is a holiday where we can be vulnerable. This Valentine’s Day, I want to focus on Black women. I want Black women to use Cupid’s holiday to look like answered prayer while being loved properly. See I believe that we deserve to make more love than sense. We deserve to have forever love and be told that we are beautiful. This holiday should serve as an opportunity for us to relax and be taken care of.

To dress for my fairytale, I gave into the cliche and looked pretty in pink. Nothing screams romance like a pink bandage dress. This bandage dress hugs my body and shows off my every curve, starting with my smile. I completed the look with heels and minimum jewelry. I can’t think of anything more perfect than a Black woman dolled up and starring in her own love story on Valentine’s Day. I challenge you, regardless of your gender or relationship status to use this day to make a Black woman smile because what can I say…we deserve it!

Dress: Amazon Available Here Similar Similar

Heels: Egoshoes Similar Similar Similar

-Love, Bea 💋

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