Styling Our History

Hey Bombshells,

Just like that Black History Month has come and went. This has been my favorite BHM as of date. I loved seeing the Hulu commercials about black creatives, the Target BHM section when you walk in, and the constant sharing of the black literature you need to read this month and beyond on Social media. I hope we continue to celebrate and uplight black lives, creators, plus employees beyond the month of February. Let’s continue to promote the well-being of Black people and tips for improving their mental health. I want us to keep having those awkward conversations until they stop being awkward.

After years of losing innocent Black lives, 2020 was dedicated to acknowledging those lives and pleading for a change. 2021 should be dedicated to our voices being heard in every field we are in. Regardless of your pathway, if you are Black, your voice matters. In my professional life, I used this month to start a Black Hair Products Drive for African refugees. In fashion, I want to use this moment to highlight all the lives lost. The names on my shirt do not cover even a fraction of the lives lost but it’s a start. I styled this look with a Black Lives Matter heart, my raised fist, and Blood lost Red Bottoms. How are you styling your life after Black History Month?

Shirt: Available Here Similar Similar Similar

Jeans: Levi’s Similar Similar Similar

Coat: Similar Similar Similar

Heels: Available Here Similar Similar

Jewelry: Unik Dazzels Instagram

-XOXO Bea 💋

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