Ode To Summer

Hey Bombshells,

There’s something about a sunny summer day that makes my fashion heart yearn to be outside. To step out of my pajamas and dress for something … anything. In this post, I dressed for you. You who shine a light to my world, who brings warmth to my fashion heart, and entice me with longer days. Sometimes it’s a bit much, an overwhelming sense of pressure to make my time with you count. But luckily, I’m up for that pressure.

Here’s a dress to flatter all the fun you create. My favorite thing to wear for you is flowy to let your breeze take me away, dark to let in your light, and short to let you work your magic on my skin. I find joy in my style every time I step out in a dress like that. It’s simple yet versatile, perfect for embracing all that you have planned for me. As my time with you comes to an end, I hope you’ll return to me soon, well and faithful.

Ode to Summer. I love you. I’ll miss you. I wish we got to spend more time together.

Dress: Forever21 Similar Similar Similar

Jewelry: Unik Dazzels

Shoes: DSW Similar Similar Similar

Tote: Michael Kors Similar Similar Similar

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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