The Root Of My Style

Hey Bombshells,

The dynamic world of black hair serves as a protective style for my fashionable looks. From long passion twist to jumbo knotless braids, and trendy brown butterfly locs, I love having a pool of hairstyles to try. For a while, I struggled to fixate on a hairstyle that hones my fashion spirit. Bob-length hair compliments my face but contradicts my edgy habits. Box braids are a classic but they don’t enhance my bold personal style. And honey, locs…I was born for that hairstyle, yet it clashes with formal attire sometimes. It took some time but I finally have a better outlook on the beauty of trying out different hairstyles on textured hair.

As I venture through the fashion world with my crown of curls tucked away, I can’t help but feel secure. The best part of my blog-worthy attires is that I don’t have to wait until winter to incorporate protective styles. When polishing up a delicate hairstyle, I try to refrain from repeating styles to cater to the notion of a fresh start. I accept whatever my latest hairdo is as a guide to get to the root of my style. Whether I’m in the mood for a formal affair, a girly feel, or an edgy relief, I know I can do any in a protective style of my choosing.

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-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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