66th Independence of Ghana

Hey Bombshells,

Welcome to Ghanas month!

This post is dedicated to my homeland, a country unlike no other. Today March 6th, I celebrate the 66th anniversary of Ghana’s freedom from colonization. I can not speak about Ghana without recognizing its flag. From day one, our flag made its mark in history. Gettysburg Flag Works notes, “Ghana flags were among the first to be designed and flown following the success of the decolonization movement in Africa during the middle of the 20th century”. In honor of this day, I put together a collection of looks that encompasses Ghana’s flag. Our flag defines our nation while telling our story.

This collection of looks is in order of the colors on the flag. My first look is a red jumpsuit. The color represents the bloodshed during Ghana’s independence movement. Next is a yellow ruched dress; this hue symbolizes my gold coast’s minerals. At the center of the flag is a black star that symbolizes the liberation of the African people from European rule. This ties in with my yellow dress paired with a black long coat. In the middle is a black asymmetrical dress. The last color is green; it represents the forest and beautiful greenery in Ghana. The combination of all four colors symbolizes Ghana’s history, freedom, pride, and beauty.

Look 1: The Braided Special Read More

Look 2: Unpublished Post

Look 3: Tricks Of My Trade Read More

Look 4: A Moment In Fashion Read More

Look 5: Unpublished Post

God Bless my homeland, Ghana!

-XOXO BeautyBea 💋

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